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Alimony, otherwise known as spousal support, is meant to provide a source of income and support for the spouse who earned less during the marriage. While much of the household expense goes toward caring for the children, spousal support differs from child support. Alimony is meant to provide for that spouse, who may have been more dependent on the income of the earning spouse to maintain the household or lifestyle of the family. If, for example, the family was accustomed to a certain standard of living, spousal support payments can help maintain that lifestyle.

How the Judge Looks at Your Case

  • How long the marriage lasted
  • Age, spouse, health, of spouses
  • The type of standard of living during marriage
  • How each spouse contributed to the marriage
  • Assets and other finances of each spouse

You will need to present your alimony case to the judge to have the payments approved. This is one of the largest reasons why hiring a Florida divorce lawyer is vital to representing your interests and arguing for you in court. While you can try to go it alone, you may not have the benefit of a attorney to fall back on and intervene on your behalf.

Courts examine award amounts for alimony based on the following:

The issue of spousal support can be tense and an exhaustive process. On top of going through the divorce process, it is only one of many factors to consider. That is why you should rely on our board-certified Florida marital and family law attorney at Ross and Andreassi to assist you with the process of alimony. The support we provide can not only help you during the process, but also if you need to modify any arrangements, or if the laws change in the future.


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