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Our Domestic Violence Lawyers Are On Your Side

No one deserves to be a victim of domestic violence, which is why the State of Florida takes domestic violence charges very seriously.

If you are the victim of abuse, but are not sure if your situation qualifies as domestic violence, it’s important to remember that domestic violence is not always a history of physical attacks by one spouse against the other. Domestic violence can be as much as a single instance and can happen to family and household members as well. That includes:

  • Boyfriends
  • Girlfriends
  • Spouses
  • Ex-Spouses
  • Blood Relatives
  • People Related by Marriage
  • People Living Together As a Family (either now or in the past)
  • People Who Have a Child Together (regardless of marriage)

If you’re the victim of any of the following types of domestic violence, you may be able to successfully get an injunction against your abuser:

  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Violence
  • Stalking
  • Intimidation
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Social Abuse
  • Excessive Phone Calls

If you’ve suffered another type of violence or abuse, but are not sure if it falls under domestic violence, contact one of our compassionate domestic violence lawyers at (386) 223-1555. We’re here to help you protect yourself and prevent future abuse.

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What is an injunction?

An injunction, or “injunction for protection,” is a court order that legally prohibits a domestic abuser from contacting or interacting with their victim—in other words, it’s a restraining order. There are different types of injunctions for different types of domestic abuse, but whichever injunction you obtain will prohibit your abuser from going near your home, workplace, vehicle, and anywhere else you may be vulnerable.

If your abuser violates the injunction, you should report the act to the police and your attorney as soon as possible.

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You Are More Than a Victim

You are a person. You have rights. You have value. You do not deserve to be abused. You are not alone. We’re here to help you walk away from a dangerous situation and start the next chapter of your life safely.

A Florida Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help

A domestic violence attorney can help you legally prevent future abuse by protecting yourself and your rights. To start, we will help you obtain a temporary injunction against your abuser, which can be made permanent at a later date. If you’re married and/or have a child with your abuser, we can assist you with related family law matters as well, such as divorce, child support, and property division.


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